What is BzzEducation all about?

Bzzeducation is a review based website that assists educationalists in gathering information, posting reviews and opinions of educational related content and engaging in interactive education forums. It adopts a user generated content approach. The website services are free to users, who provide most of the content, and the website is supported by an advertising business model.

Bzzeducation aims to be the UK’s largest educational review site, which will enable educationalists to find quality school support, services and resources. Bzzeducation will offer trusted advice from real educationalists and a wide variety of educational services and suppliers to meet the ever increasing demands placed on educational establishments. With the dissolving of Local Education Authorities and the creation of academies and free schools, educational organisations are able to purchase any service, consultancy, training and resources from any supplier, national or even internationally.

There are many services, suppliers and resources on the market that educationalist may not be aware of and this website has been designed to centralise all this information, in an easy to use, comprehensive directory that enables users to search for services, suppliers and resources that will enhance the quality of the provision they are providing.

The business environment for schools is a dynamic area that is constantly developing and evolving and currently, there is not one website for educationalists to us either to find a service or to give professional, up to date and comprehensive review of services that are use. People in education tend to share information and experiences, through either professional networks such as consortium meetings, staff meetings etc; professional partnerships or education forums such as TES to share what has worked or not worked well for them.

Bzzed.co.uk website will help to collate these services and reviews, which in turn will create a ‘buzz’ in schools, for service providers and resources which in turn enhance the quality of provision in educational establishments for its pupils, community and staff.

Encourages informed buying decisions.

This website will be available 24 hours a day, seven days per week, fifty-two weeks of the year; therefore, making it accessible at all times for individuals.

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