Guidelines for writing a review

Firstly, please remember that reviews on this website are written by education professionals for other education professionals, who have first-hand experience of the product, service or supplier.


  1. Always start off with a reasoning as to why you bought the product or commissioned that specific supplier or service.
  2. Be honest and professional! Don't butter up a review, or slam it because you are angry with the product, service or supplier. You are reviewing professional products, services and suppliers. This is not the place to share information about individuals or companies you have an issue with.
  3. Tell other professionals how to use the product/service /supplier. Not everyone knows how to use what you may be reviewing, so give a detailed explanation on just how to use it.
  4. When writing a good or bad review on a product, always be sure to weigh out it's pros, and cons and remember to give everyone your personal overall opinion.
  5. Do not get personal when it comes to reviewing. Never, ever, mention last names, phone numbers, or any other personal information about the staff, as this is illegal. Do not give any personal information relating to yourself, such as names and contact details.
  6. Do not swearing or make any comment that will cause or be deemed as offensive to others in any respect.
  7. If you just had a bad experience with a product or service, give yourself a 24 hour cooling off period. Keep it professional sounding, no matter how angry you are. You are writing a review, not a complaint.
  8. Please do not write in CAPITAL LETTERS and use punctuation as you would do normally.


Please read and accept our terms and conditions for full details on your responsibility as a reviewer and user of this website.

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