FFT Aspire Targeting Pupil Performance Advanced Course
Added : 19 February 2016

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FFT Aspire is the reporting and data tool for schools, Local Authorities and Academy Chains. FFT Aspire provides key target setting and school performance evaluation information using the latest curriculum and accountability measures – quick and easy to access and allowing in depth analysis to support future planning.

FFT Aspire is visual and user friendly, presenting complex data in a way that can be easily understood and interpreted. FFT Aspire is helping key staff from teachers to senior leaders to make decisions and inform practice, all based on robust data. FFT Aspire uses tried and tested approaches from the Fischer Family Trust based on informed and independent national research.

FFT delivers you the latest pupil performance information with valid comparisons across a wide range of indicators. Forward looking pupil and school information is available for all pupils and self-evaluation dashboards for results at national assessment points.


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Overall Rating Primary Deputy Headteacher from Birmingham City

Again the data is in the old National Curriculum levels but facilitators were able to demonstrate very clearly how this data could still be used to help predict pupils performance. The toolkit has many filters and is really user friendly. You used your own school log in which meant that the data you are using and analysing is your own schools. Most useful and still has a place in this new era of assessment.
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