Professor McGinty
Added : 26 June 2014

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Professor McGinty, time traveller and detective extraordinaire has travelled through time and space to bring back artifacts and stories of his historical adventures. Excellent for Primary Schools.


Curriculum : History
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Overall Rating Primary Year 6 Teacher from Yardley

Hugely entertaining performance veils a roller coaster history lesson. 'The Prof' is a favourite at our school. So far I have seen him cover the Egyptians, World War 2 and the Tudors . He comes complete with his own drawing room, time machine, Dr Hoot his owl sidekick , and some seriously well chosen artefacts and dressing up clothes. Like a cross between horrible histories and Richard O'Brien ( for kids) . You will have them mesmerised then hysterical while watching the show . Afterwards , my classes have retained a deeper understanding of the past .Superb . ( Sorry PG about the RO'B ref, you are younger and clearly better looking)
Bzz Ed

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